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Like physical health, all of us have mental health. Also like physical health it varies and can be good, average, or what ever it is. That's normal. At Headtorch we're passionate about giving people tools to understand, look after, and improve their mental health. After all, a mentally healthy workplace is good business sense."


Headtorch came to visit us at Bright Purple yesterday and our team spent time having fun and doing some serious learning, gaining valuable insight into Mental Health and the impact it has on all of us in the work place and in life as a whole. This was a highly engaging and interactive pitched at the right level for all our people.

Thank you to the fantastic Amy McDonald and Angus Robinson and cameo from Andrew Marrins for sharing life skills and lessons that we will all carry and value. If are looking for support with your mental health strategy in your workplace we can highly recommend getting in touch with Amy and Angus.




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