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Pre-Employment Screening Services

Background checks for permanent and contract roles.

In a business world that is risk aware and risk averse, it is crucial you know exactly who is working for you. You can mitigate risk by thoroughly
background checking everyone you hire or contract.
Bright Purple have a dedicated Pre-Employment Screening (PES) and Compliance team that provides extensive screening and background
checks for businesses of all sizes. We tailor our services to meet any client requirement, whether as a stand-alone product or as a part
of our wider recruitment services. Whatever your needs, we can conduct expert screenings in a timely and compliant manner.
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Pre-Employment Screening Services at Bright PUrple

Why do you need Pre-Employment Screening checks?  

  • It increases your credibility to internal and external shareholders 
  • It complies with due diligence and avoids liability
  • Mitigates risk to your business or organisation
  • It highlights criminal history
  • It provides verification of Education and Certifications
  • Highlights any fraudulent activity
  • Validation that you have chosen the right candidate 

What types of Pre-Employment Screening checks are available?

Bright Purple offer different levels of checks and these can be bespoke to your specific needs:

Level 1 - BPSS – Baseline Personnel Security Standard

This is the basic screening service which all companies should adhere to. The BPSS check covers:
  • Copies of Legal Right to Work (it is the employer's responsibility to verify the validity of these documents)
  • Copies of Proof of Residency
  • 3 Years Employment Referencing
  • Criminal Records Check (CRC; Disclosure Scotland, DBS)
  • Directorship Checks (current appointments and potential disqualifications) for contractors.

Level 2 – PES4 Enhanced Check

This is a more advanced check which should be followed especially if your candidate is planning on working in the Financial Sector. The PES4 Enhanced Check covers:
  • Copies of Legal Right to Work
  • Copies of Proof of Residency (plus past 5 years)
  • 5 years Employment Referencing
  • Education Verification
  • Criminal Records Check (CRC; Disclosure Scotland, DBS) 
  • Financial and Sanctions check
  • Directorship Checks (current appointments and potential disqualifications) for contractors


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