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Mobile, such powerful devices that have become, whether we like it or not, our inseparable companions today. Though, despite original mobile “phones” being somewhat ancient now, our expertise lies within the incredibly intricate “smart” phone you’re likely reading this on.
This type of mobile development is still relatively young in comparison and began around 15 years ago way before Android and iOS was coined. The first of these innovations was an 85g running on mere Java and its own OS based on Flash - basically an interacting USB with a touchscreen.
Mobile development has ‘developed’ and has its own environments to develop within, “Native”, “Hybrid” and “Cross”, whereby development is with mobile-specific programming languages, using the native Software Development Kits, SDKs. Interestingly, mobile development comes from the family of languages used in their Software Engineering counterparts. iOS will use Objective-C, from the C programming language, whereas Android has come from Java, a reputably used open-source programming language used across many development stacks today.
Of course, within development, there’s further development, Objective-C spanning from the C family, and Android Development from Java - a reputable open-source and versatile language. Typical iOS terminology will lean from Swift, SwiftUI and Xamarin (which uses C#), whereas Android will stay close to Java, Kotlin, JavaScript and TypeScript.
Whatever your requirements are, you be sure to put your trust, faith and mobility in the Bright Purple team, because we understand the evolution of technology - we’d been succeeding before Mobile development existed! Finding the right balance is tricky, and we understand that, so if you are looking for your next ongoing mobile solution - or perhaps an urgent contracting requirement, grab your mobile, and get in touch to discuss how we can help you.
Notable clients include Tesco Bank, Zonal, Suji, and xDesign.
If you are looking for guidance on your next mobile hire, get in touch with Craig Bradley directly to discuss your requirements via email or on 0131 473 7057.

Strong UK-wide network in


Bright Purple can support you and your candidates in the following ways:

Sourcing top talent can be difficult but with an extensive network and the latest recruitment tools, Bright Purple have access to active candidates and the ability to headhunt those that may not be on the market.
Bright Purple can discuss your job requirements with you in detail and come up with a targeted plan to provide you with a shortlist of the best candidates on the market.
We will also provide up-to-date market insights including salary benchmarking and market rates, availability of candidates, and potential competitors, and if you have been recruiting directly for a while, we'll even work with you to overcome challenges you may be having in attracting the right candidates.
We understand that applying for a new position can be an exciting and daunting experience. At Bright Purple, we will work with you to understand your skills, industry background, and the type of organisation you would like to work with.
From there, we can explore available opportunities and go into real depth around the team structure, projects, company aims, and how they can support you in your goals, be it career progression or exposure to new technologies.
If you have found a position you are interested in applying for, Bright Purple can work with you to ensure you are presenting your experience and case studies in the best light possible. We will run through experience and project specifics, including deliverables, and walk you through how to structure a case study for maximum effect.


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I am a techie at heart, and love technology in all of its forms; I mean we all use Mobiles daily right, but understanding that technology and its marvels excites me. I pride myself on having a unique approach to working with exciting, innovative and pragmatic solutions. Truly understanding the root of what is needed, on a multitude of levels, from both candidates and business requirements, allows me to ensure the perfect match is a passion and determining factor of everything I do.
I always go the extra length to ensure quality and friendly service, and outside of work you’ll find me exploring the kitchen, cooking up a storm to delight the palette!
If you are looking for guidance on your next mobile hire, get in touch with Craig Bradley directly to discuss your requirements via email or on 0131 473 7057.
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