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How to handle a job rejection: 5 steps to get back on top.

Handling a job rejection
Job rejections are hard. Whether you are unemployed, unhappy in your current role, or came across your dream job, there’s nothing worse than hearing that you’ve missed out on an opportunity.
It’s all too easy to start a self-pity party when things don’t go our way, but getting caught up in being down for too long could make you lose out on other opportunities and knock your confidence.
Here are Bright Purple’s 5 steps on how to deal with a job rejection, to help you stay positive and motivated for the next interview that comes your way.

5 steps to recover from a job rejection:


1. Give yourself time to be upset, (but don’t take it personally)

It’s completely understandable to be upset when you miss out on a dream opportunity, so do take time to come to terms with it. However, wallowing too long won’t help! Sometimes allocating time to grieve will help you to accept what happened and move on faster.
It’s okay to be upset that you missed out on the job, but don’t take it personally. Remember that hiring managers have a tough decision to make, and that it’s unlikely that their decision was based on anything personal, just that another candidate happened to be better suited on that occasion.

2. Ask for detailed feedback and evaluate

Just because you didn’t get the job, it doesn’t mean you did everything wrong. Asking for valuable feedback is key in being able to improve for next time. Try getting in touch with the hiring manager to ask for specific notes on where you can improve. If they are unable to give feedback, try talking with an HR expert or a friend who is a hiring manager for advice on how to improve on your interview skills.
Take this time also to evaluate your cover letter and CV; are you personalising your cover letter for each job you apply for? Is your CV laid out clearly and highlighting your key skills and achievements? Any skill gaps you can brush up on? Really think about what you can improve upon, then assign yourself tasks and a schedule to help you get back on track.
If you have interviewed via a recruitment agency, it is their responsibility to gather detailed feedback from the employer for you. Recruiters can also help you with your CV and cover letter prior to interview, to give you the best chance at the role.

3. Take every opportunity for learning

We should never stop learning. Ever. Whether you are currently working or not, try to find time to learn new skills, obtain a new qualification or keep up to date with skills in your industry (this is particularly relevant in the ever-changing tech landscape), so that you are always top of your game.
If there was anything in particular that was highlighted as a weak area in the feedback you received, take the time to learn and improve; it could be the difference that secures your next role!
Take every opportunity for learning
Employers love to see a thirst for knowledge, and candidates that actively try to develop themselves will definitely stand out from the crowd. If you are able, try to take on a personal project (for example building a website or starting a blog) that allows you to demonstrate the skills you have learned.

4. Stay positive, and remember you are not alone

Particularly in times of economic distress, remember that there are thousands of people in your situation, with some vacancies seeing three times the number of applications they would usually receive. You are not being singled out, you are unfortunately just one of many in this position.
Try to stay positive; write down all your best qualities and skills and put them on your wall. While it may not be for everyone, meditation and/or breathing exercises can be helpful to improve your mental health and wellbeing so that you can go into your next interview with a more positive mindset. 
Stay positive

5. “Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye”!

Or in non-Scottish terms: What is meant for you will not go by you!
Many people get closure by accepting that maybe this opportunity just wasn’t meant to be, and that it is leaving the door open for something better. Many of the Bright Purple team missed out on opportunities that led us to here, and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!
Ultimately if an employer doesn’t see the great value you can bring, then it’s their loss!
Ready to find that next opportunity? Check out our vacancies, or Contact Us for advice to help you secure that next role.
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