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Bright Purple launch new remote resourcing division!

Read our press release on this announcement here.

Since we entered the first lockdown on March 22nd of 2020, we were thrown into a way of working that we'd barely even considered before.  We went paperless, moved all of our files to an updated Cloud system, upgraded our website and of course, we all worked from home.
Fast forward almost 18 months, and the success of remote working for Bright Purple has led us to announce the launch of our new fully-remote resourcing division.

Our new remote division

The new team will consist of fully-remote resourcers from anywhere across the UK. Headed up by Renate who recently moved down South (more on that later!) we've already made two hires for the team based in England. Welcome to the team Stewart and Umar!
Stewart and Umar
Welcome to our new remote resourcers Stewart and Umar!
We believe there is no limit to how much we can grow the remote team, and hope to be able to strengthen and build our relationships throughout the UK.
Our Sales Director Kane Webster said of the new division:
"The new hires UK wide allow us to grow the business at a faster pace and in line with client demand in real time. We are unlocking talent streams that traditional 9-5 office-based careers would not allow and Bright Purple are all for embracing this change and using it to our advantage.
Resourcers are the bed rock of any recruitment agency as their ability to put the right CV’s in for the right roles is the product we sell and market. Covid and remote working has shown us that if we have the right staff and trust them fully then we can grow anywhere, and we intend to do so."

Internal successes driving change

Remote resourcing is something that Bright Purple have discussed periodically for some time, long before the pandemic even existed; but it was circumstance that led us to finally take the next step when one of our top resourcers told us she wanted to move away from Edinburgh.
Resourcer Renate Hansen has been with Bright Purple for three years, and has four years previous experience working for Disney Cruise Ships. With her exceptional customer service skills and commitment, Renate is a key member of our team, and not someone we wanted to lose!
We believe in Renate 100% and wanted to not only keep her in the business but to allow her to grow a unit around herself that serviced the bigger business, and so we are delighted that Renate will be heading up the new remote team.
Renate Hansen
Of her promotion, Renate said:
"Joining Bright Purple has changed my life in a way I never dreamt.

Coming from a hospitality background working for Disney and managing restaurants; I knew I was ready to push my boundaries and experience another domain. What better sector than IT :)

Its been so rewarding learning the IT lingo and continuously putting my "Disney magic" spin on how I work.

Working with Bright Purple has opened my eyes to what an amazing company we are. From the mentorship, management team and support, I've been able to showcase my skills and integrate it into IT recruitment.

Hard work really does pay off. I'm truly humbled to have the opportunity to head up my own remote resourcing team and help expand Bright Purple in an incredible way.

The future is looking very bright. Very Bright Purple! "
It's safe to say that without Renate, this would still be a discussion topic, and not an announcement!

Hybrid working success for our Edinburgh team

For a business (maybe even an entire industry) that was so set in an office routine, we surprised ourselves at how successful remote working has been for Bright Purple. Including Renate, we've made five internal promotions since the pandemic began!
Kane Webster to Sales Director
Jemma Brown as Finance Director
Naomi Gibson as Senior Consultant
Jamie Rose as Head of Contract
Renate Hansen as the new Head of Remote Resourcing
We are delighted to see so many of our team members moving up through the ranks and advancing their careers at Bright Purple.
CEO Nick Price said:
"The internal promotions we’ve made and the growth we’re achieving demonstrate the commitment and resilience of our team throughout the pandemic. We are now in a very strong position to deliver on the increasing industry demand, with no signs of it slowing.
The market has bounced back far beyond 2020 levels, with a wide array of skill sets in great demand that is causing some challenges around shortages and so customers are having to work harder to stand out from the crowd to be attractive to the best talent. We are excited to see the business growing and with our new remote division now embedded, we look towards 2022.”
Kane Webster and Nick Price
Kane and Nick showing you can even work from a park bench! (okay maybe not)
Following our recent staff survey in which the team expressed a desire to continue working from home for several days of the week, we announced that we would continue a hybrid working approach between the office and home until at least 2022 and likely beyond.
Our team work from our newly downsized office only 1-2 days per week (their choice as to what days), spending the remainder of the week working from home. This will be evaluated in 2022 as circumstances change.

The future's Bright, the future's Purple!

By growing our team across the UK, we have a great opportunity to strengthen and build relationships with candidates and clients across the country. The Bright Purple name is already a stronghold in our industry in Scotland, and we intend to see our name grow far and wide!

Bright Purple team



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