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Henry Leathem

Principal Consultant


Describe yourself in 3 words?
Perfected Ordered Chaos
What is your specialism at Bright Purple?
Favourite biscuit?
Half covered choco hobnob WITH TEA
What do you like most about working at Bright Purple?
Everybody wants everyone to win – there is no internal rivalry, and we share as much info as we can to make sure everyone gets a crack at filling their jobs, winning new clients, and generally succeeding. The team ethos is very strong, plus there is a real “open door” policy with senior management. Everyone is approachable!
If I was a superhero my name and superpower would be:
Genghis Khan the second.. I'd have the ability to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders.
If I won the lottery I would:
Buy the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and drive across the Mediterranean Sea.
How would you describe the people who work alongside you?
Bonkers. In the best way.
What do you think makes Bright Purple stand out from its competitors?
Good question! We have a big focus on well-being and customer care, so beyond simply out-delivering on our competitors we also seem like genuine people, not recruitment robots. It’s a personal, human touch which may sound a simple thing but which goes a long way when it comes to building relationships with value.
Outside of your Bright Purple, do you have any special skills, passions or abilities?
I love cooking, and take the whole world of food, restaurants, drink etc pretty seriously. I also adore music and when I am not too busy with work have a blog on Wordpress for album reviews etc. I also collect Vinyl (yawn, I know) and most of my money goes on that, audio equipment, etc.

Principal Consultant

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