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Candidate Testimonials

Looking for your next IT job? Read these candidate experiences of working with Bright Purple to see how we can help you!


"Only a week had passed before she had secured me several interviews with some interesting companies! The transparency and communication was outstanding compared to other recruiters I have dealt with"...

"Jamie made the whole onboarding experience very easy, right from arranging the interview to negotiating my long notice period with the new client, always keeping me informed of the progress."

"Chris provided 100% support, was always reachable and provided advice that settled any nerves and helped me regain my focus. He has given a first class service...I would advise you reach out to him!"...

"Magnus really went the extra mile in my recruitment by Ion Concept Systems. He gave me sound advice during the process and coached me effectively..."

"There is a lot of positive vibe in the Bright Purple team - it feels like dealing with a friend, not a recruiter. I was astonished by their knowledge of technologies used in the IT industry..."

Since 2009 I have liaised with Bright Purple for Contract work and I always find the team a pleasure to work with. Bright Purple are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient and I highly recommend them!

"Her approach was very professional and at the same time very down-to-earth. The jobs matched very closely my experience and thankfully I got placed in the first company that I liked the most."