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We have worked with thousands of contractors across the globe, placing IT and technology professionals into a number of long and short-term contract roles on behalf of clients. There are many advantages to those who operate as a contractor, but also some challenges and legalities to adhere to. With changes to IR35 (off-payroll working rules), it’s important that contractors keep up to date with the latest guidelines and market information.
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Contract vs Permanent Employment: Which is best?

There are many factors to weigh up when deciding whether contract or permanent work is best for you: the decision will depend on your priorities – what factors are most important to you when looking for work? Here are some  benefits and disadvantages of both to help you decide.

Benefits of Contracting:

  • Flexibility: By contracting you will have more freedom to work on different projects and tech stacks
  • Income: Hourly rates for contract jobs are usually higher than permanent roles
  • Control: Depending on your IR35 status, you may have a lot more control over how you work. You can choose how much time off to take and what hours to work to suit your lifestyle and needs

Disadvantages of Contracting:

  • Competitive: Much like other freelance style jobs, contracting roles can be very competitive; you may pitch for many contract roles before securing one
  • Less security: You will have no employment rights, no benefits such as pension top-ups or sick pay, and shorter notice periods
  • Uncertainty of income: Although contract roles usually pay higher, you need to secure a steady stream of contract jobs to maintain this. If you were unable to secure a role for several months you may find yourself in a difficult position

Benefits of Permanent Employment:

  • Career Progression: As you wouldn’t be moving from company to company you have the opportunity for moving up the ladder and progressing to a more senior position
  • Job security: More employment rights mean more job security
  • Company benefits: Pension schemes, life insurance, any benefits that your employer might have that you would miss out on as a contractor

Disadvantages of Permanent Employment:

  • Less flexibility for other projects: If you ever wanted to dip your toes into another project or tech stack, you will likely have less flexibility to do this in permanent employment
  • Less lucrative: As mentioned, contract roles tend to pay more than permanent employment
  • Fixed holidays/less flexible: You will likely have fairly fixed hours and will be assigned a certain number of days holiday a year
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