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Meet the Team.

Amber Park

Office Administrator


Describe yourself in three words:
Easy-going, sociable, friendly
What were you doing before Bright Purple?
Before bright purple I was in healthcare recruitment, doing all things compliance.
What attracted you to apply for Bright Purple?
The culture and welcoming vibes! From the website alone I could tell it looked like an amazing place to work.
If you were a superhero what would your name be and what superpower would you have?
The wonderful Tarrant Hightopp! The power of make-believe.
At the weekend you’ll find me… 
Drinking wine, reading, working out, university work, procrastinating and sleeping in!
If I wasn’t working for Bright Purple I would be:
A struggling writer
If I was a fictional character I would be 
Alice in Wonderland…a lot of nonsense goes on in my head!