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What does a recruitment consultant do? A day in the life of a recruiter.

"What does a recruitment consultant do?"
It's a question you may have asked yourself when dealing with a recruitment agency for the first time as a business representative or as a candidate looking for a new role. Aside from "find people jobs", there's a lot that goes into the life of being a recruiter in order to make perfect placements happen and grow our business!
If you're interested in a career in recruitment yourself, or are just curious as what goes in to making placements happen, our Managing Consultant Magnus is here with all the answers as he talks us through a day in the life as a recruiter at Bright Purple. 

A day in the life of a recruiter - Magnus Wikström.

Magnus Wikstrom - A day in the life of a recruiter

Hello, I'm Magnus! I've been with Bright Purple for over 5.5 years, and in the recruitment industry for over 16 years. No day is the same for me in recruitment, and it is very varied!

Keeping up to speed with the industry

I’m usually on LinkedIn by 9am (having already checked my emails) getting myself up to speed with all the industry’s latest news, jobs, movement of people – a general what’s going on in the world of tech moment for me. This is super important to keep on top of so that I can provide my candidates and clients with the best insights and service to help them make the best decisions.  All of this whilst clutching a cup of coffee of course!

Interviews, communication, resourcing and selling

Generally I start my morning addressing any immediate needs such as arranging interviews (including prepping the candidates where needed), and responding to client emails or calls.
I then do some daily resourcing by checking a number of platforms for candidates who have come onto the market which match some of the vacancies Bright Purple are currently recruiting for, or are likely to recruit for and handle any active applications. This includes actively reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn etc whether passive or active.
Once I find a candidate I think is perfect for the role, I'll spend some time chatting with them about the role and what makes it appealing for them. I'll of course do similar with clients as I send over CVs and arrange interviews for the candidates. It's about showing the client how the candidate meets the skills and requirements that they were looking for, and "selling" why that candidate should be considered. 
Of course, if you've found the best talent, then that part shouldn't be too hard! ;)

Business Development and Relationship Building

As part of my role, business development is a large part, so I am always keeping an eye out for new business opportunities and looking for the right moment to engage with a prospect company. A lot of the research starts with my morning LinkedIn/Coffee routine! 
At Bright Purple, we believe in making each interaction meaningful, and so I'll always take time to listen carefully and build the relationship from the ground-up. Every client is different, it's never a one-size-fits-all approach.
The Bright Purple mission
I'll also check in regularly with our existing clients, making sure we continue to nurture the partnership and ensure their needs are met.

People Management

As a people manager I am also in and out of various coaching sessions around sourcing, account management, new business development with my immediate team as well as ensuring they have the support to meet their daily objectives.
As a leader in the business I’m always on hand to support the business further which includes liaising with marketing to develop and promote our voice and brand!
And of course, outside of our very busy schedules, we'll always find time to send gifs and memes in our Coffee Break Chat on Microsoft Teams. 

A few final questions

How has the recruitment industry changed since you began in recruitment 16 years ago?

The IT industry has never changed – it has always been buoyant, however recruitment as an industry so to speak has become less of a service-supplier based arrangement and more of a business partnering approach. Without both parties entering the relationship with complete trust, and treating the agreement as a mutually beneficial and ongoing partnership, then success will be unlikely. There is a war on talent out there.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about recruiters?

That’s we’re akin to unscrupulous used car salespeople, that sort of thing...the sale is everything. I also hate the Wolf of Wall Street image about agency recruiters that some people have.

What qualities do you think are necessary to be a good recruiter?

People often ask me this. I’d say you actually have to love your job and love recruitment.
Not bits of the job. All of the job.
Want to know what other transferrable skills and qualities make a good recruiter? Read our blog: Recruiter Skills: 8 skills that make a successful recruitment consultant
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