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A Recruiters' Guide To Being Noticed On LinkedIn


How to get noticed on LinkedIn: A guide by Bright Purple recruiters

Finding your dream job is hard work. Not only do you have to spend hours searching the internet for the ultimate role, but you also then must edge out several if not hundreds of other applicants.
As the job market gets tougher and tougher to crack, those looking for their next career move need to be doing everything they can to stand out.
But there’s the other side of the coin: recruiters. Every day, thousands of recruiters are scouring LinkedIn looking for ideal candidates to fill roles. Imagine being contacted for your ultimate job without having to do all the leg work?!
In order for recruiters to easily find you on LinkedIn, there are some simple steps you can do to improve your profile and make yourself easily found or noticed on LinkedIn.

Our team shares their tips on what will get you noticed on LinkedIn

Our experienced team of recruiters at Bright Purple share their tips on how to get noticed on LinkedIn below:


1. Get the basics right

“The first thing I do as a resourcer is search LinkedIn by the job title I’m looking to recruit for, along with keywords and location”.
Getting the basics right is a must as it’s the first thing recruiters will search for. Make you’re your industry, job title, and location are clearly listed to increase your visibility for relevant opportunities.

2. If you are open to work, say so

Although we will contact any candidate if they look amazing and perfect for the role, we will always prioritise candidates that are actively looking for work if they have the right skills. If you are open to a new role, make sure you check the box in your profile to say so. This can be hidden from anyone in your company, so you don’t need to worry about being found out!

3. Clearly list your skills (but keep it compact and relevant)

“Keeping their skills section compacted to what they are doing commercially and are strong in is key, as sometimes if there are too many skills listed it's difficult to tell what the candidate actually does”.
Recruiters don’t want to waste your time (or their own) contacting people who have listed a skill that they haven’t worked in for years. Keep your skills section up to date and relevant to what you have worked in recently (not years ago!).
Makes life easier for both of us and shows off your skills!

4. Fill out your experience section properly

The experience section is one of the first points of call for recruiters: they want to see what you’ve been doing recently and if you are a fit for the role. Treat it just as you would a CV; ensure it is filled out beyond job title and position, highlighting what skills you’ve been using, your responsibilities, tangible successes, and your biggest achievements.

5. Engage in the LinkedIn community and use hashtags

This point is simple: the more you contribute to online conversations or post your own insights, the bigger your reach, making it more likely that recruiters and hiring managers may come across your profile. Not only that but building your personal brand as a go-to expert in your industry will be highly beneficial to you!

6. Use your “About Me” section for the Headline facts (and avoid buzzwords)

To be frank, nobody cares if you are “hard-working”, “motivated” and “a team player”. Tech Recruiters want to know that you have 6 years’ experience in Java, 3 years managing a team of 20, or that you currently work with #C and SQL languages. Treat your About section like your highlights reel and pick out your key skills and experience that we want to hear about.

The Key Takeaway?

Ultimately: “LinkedIn profiles should look like digital CVs if candidates want to get noticed”.
So, make sure you include your technical information under each position you’ve listed, highlight your active skills, and provide examples of your successes!
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