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Turning the skills-shortage crisis into an opportunity: Lunch and Learn at Bright Purple



What is Lunch and Learn?

Lunch and Learn sessions came out of yet another brainstorming with our team members and it was evident that our hybrid working has created a gap in peer-to-peer learning opportunities.
We have designated “champions” (our recruiters) in various areas such as “qualifying candidates” and “selling the opportunity” to share their findings on new trends and what really brings success. Usually, this was a normal day-to-day process when we were all in the office listening to each other facing these issues and we would pick up this information naturally, but now our people are feeling more isolated and are not able to “learn on the job”.
We needed a time when we can come together and have a productive discussion on these important topics, where we can share our personal experiences and lessons in real-time, and Lunch and Learn sessions allows us to do that.

How has Bright Purple's approach to Learning and Development changed over the years?

Bright Purple has always recognised its people as its most valuable assets. However, only recently we took a leap and hired our Head of Learning and Development, Zane Priekule whose task is to create a clear process for our tools and platforms as well as establish suitable career pathways.
From our experience previously, when we used to outsource skills development activities, we have learned that it is difficult to apply this information to our unique culture. We realised that the skills and information we have amongst our talented team members can be shared and it is more suited for our specific business needs. Now Zane, our Head of Learning and Development is working shoulder to shoulder with the different members of the team to create bespoke learning material that will be engaging and fun. This is when we came up with Lunch and Learn sessions.

What are Bright Purple's future plans?

Bright Purple has made the commitment to invest in its people by growing its Learning and Development practice so we can ensure we have the most skilled individuals, and they can clearly see a long-term career within our company.
We have already seen our training material library filling up with evidence-based content and we have plans for regular masterclasses from the industry’s leading professionals as well as workshops where our team members can put into practice their skills.
We are eager to adapt to whatever is to come in the future, but one thing is for sure – our people are our focus, and we must let them feel supported and nurtured.
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