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Q&A: Celebrating 4 years with 3 of our Purple People!

At Bright Purple, we love celebrating successes, and the last fortnight has been a triple whammy as we congratulated three of our team members on their 4 year anniversaries with Bright Purple!
Louise, Naomi and Jamie all started with 2 weeks of each other and are all thriving within our team. As we spoke to them about their first 2 months back in 2017, we thought it would be fun to catch up with them now and see what they remember from the early days, and their highlights so far!
Louise, Jamie and Naomi as new starts 4 years ago!

Congratulations on 4 years! What inspired you to want to work in recruitment?

Louise: This is an unconventional story, 11 years ago I worked as an auxiliary nurse and I reached out to a Healthcare Recruitment agency to register with them. After a few minutes with the management team they asked if I wanted to be a Recruitment Consultant. Not the outcome (or job title) I was expecting that day, but I’ve never looked back!
Naomi: As with most people, it was a bit of an accident… I was looking to move from my job in sales and marketing and approached a couple of recruiters to help and kept being told I should consider recruitment. My friend worked at Bright Purple at the time and within a week she had set up an interview and that was that !
Jamie: I was speaking with a R2R and they mentioned about the competition of recruitment which is something that appealed to me. I have always been involved with competitive sports, so a career that encouraged and rewarded competition appealed to me.

Do you remember your first day at Bright Purple?

Naomi: Not specifically, but I can only assume that is when my love affair with Greggs Bacon rolls started...
JamieI remember sitting at my desk and Kane Webster told me within minutes to read about IR35 as it was going to be a big issue…he was right. 
LouiseYes! I sat next to Magnus for a spell when I wasn’t in the induction training. I thought ‘Who is this character?’ He has been my manager for years now and I’ve learned so much from him. 
Louise, Kane, Naomi dressed as tennis players
Louise and Naomi with Sales Director Kane on Wimbledon Day!

How has the company changed since you first started?

Jamie: The way we work is a lot more modern. The company has also grown a lot and we have hired a lot of talented people. 
LouiseCulturally the business has shifted, it’s been so great to see a focus on employee wellbeing. We have a real team ethic, and we are a sociable bunch so that has been great to be a part of! 
NaomiIn pretty much every way, Bright Purple has always been open to suggestions for change and improvement.  We have a great culture and it’s always something people mention as soon as they visit us - I think that’s a huge testament to how much we are all encouraged to be involved in creating the business’s ethos and mission that we deliver.

Louise Millar, Bright Purple recruitment

Louise Millar.

What do your consider your biggest accomplishments since joining Bright Purple 4 years ago?

Louise: Adding to my skillset, as a recruiter, and developing my understanding within technology. I have also embraced employee wellbeing and been an advocate for the Health agenda company wide. I also won the ‘Funniest in the Office’ Award 2017.
Naomi: Probably going from someone with no recruitment experience to being encouraged and able to carve a niche in the business for UX, UI and Front-End recruitment. It’s allowed me to work with some great clients and candidates and I’m fortunate that some have become genuine friends
Jamie: Being part of the team to grow the contract book to a five year high is something I am really proud of.

What is your favourite part of the job?

Naomi:  I would probably say having a sense of job satisfaction, it’s very rewarding to know you are making a difference to other people and four years later I still get just as excited when telling candidates that a company would like to make them an offer !
Jamie: I like the competition of it!
Louise: Finding a fab candidate their ideal job – nothing beats it!  Closely followed by celebrating with the team!
Jamie Rose, Bright Purple recruitment
Jamie Rose.

What is your all-time favourite Bright Purple memory?

Jamie: I would say being in the office is my favourite memory. We have a very unique culture and I am looking forward to that returning. 
Louise: There are so may to choose from! I’d have to say winning a weekend away in Bratislava as bonus for hitting target! That was unreal!
NaomiA very eventful day trip to Melrose 7’s and the creation of the POVV (Prosecco, Orange, double Vodka)!

What has been your biggest lesson learned in the last 4 years?

LouiseAlways speak up for what you believe in!
Naomi: To embrace change! Recruitment has so many variables – people are unpredictable, the market is always changing – and in being flexible to take on new opportunities I’ve definitely found myself becoming a much better consultant.
Jamie: It's important to try things and learn from mistakes. Also, ask a lot of questions!
Naomi Gibson, Bright Purple recruitment
Naomi Gibson.

And finally, what are your goals for the next 4 years?!

Jamie: I want to continue helping Bright Purple grow. Due to the success we are having I think we can expand further. 
Naomi: I’d like to take on a more leadership or mentoring position – we have an apprenticeship program, and it would be great to help someone new to the industry establish their career.
Louise: SMASH IT!!!
A massive congratulations again to Naomi, Louise and Jamie for their hard work and dedication over the last four years. Here's to the next four!
Team BP x
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