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A Brighter Purple: our new website and other changes in 2021.

If you are a regular to the Bright Purple website, you may have noticed a few changes in the last couple of weeks! 
Yes, we have finally moved to our shiny new website and candidate portal! 
The Bright Purple website homepage
In what has been a year of extraordinary circumstances, we've come out the other end with some reality checks and a fresh perspective that has seen us making several large business changes in the last few months.
Bright Purple CEO Nick Price discusses the significant changes and the reasoning below.

Time for change: our new website and more - Nick Price, CEO of Bright Purple.

Esther Dyson once said, “change means that what was before wasn’t perfect, people want things to be better”.
I’ve been at the helm of Bright Purple for 26 years and I always want us be better than we were yesterday. It’s a learning process and it doesn’t always go according to plan but tell me a change programme that ever has?
Esther Dyson Quote: change means that what was before wasn’t perfect, people want things to be better
We decided to use the grip of the pandemic to evaluate our business and decided that change was necessary to move forward, but we all know that change is uncomfortable; it can in fact be painful, because it brings uncertainty and is generally time consuming. However my board decided to go all in, with multiple change programmes to work towards a new and improved post-pandemic Bright Purple!

Saying goodbye to the Eagle Building

After 15 years, we have just said goodbye to our old office in the Eagle Building on Rose Street, and moved into new offices on North St David Street.
Empty office building
Bye bye old office!
The decision to move came from our choice to accommodate flexible working practices that our people will thrive under; our team are no longer bound to desks 9 to 5, 5 days a week.
The pandemic has proven that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to working; many of our team have excelled in work-from-home conditions, while some are itching to be back in a sociable office. By offering flexible working, our team can work where they perform best, and fit their hours around personal commitments such as childcare. 

Investing in new technology

With a renewed focus on being a greener company (and with the pandemic highlighting a real need to update!), we've moved all of our technology systems into the cloud, while becoming a paperless operation.
We also invested in video recruitment software Odro, to help us with the continued smooth running of interviews, outreach and interaction in an online world. 
Odro Interview PLatform Logo
But we didn't stop there, because as of last week we have also officially moved to our new CRM system. Yes the heart of the operation was ripped out and a new improved heart was transplanted in, a huge piece of ongoing work!
With some of our team having used our old system in excess of a decade, this has been a huge change for us, and we are all working hard to ensure a smooth transition! However, the change has definitely been necessary, with the new system allowing for much more efficient processes to be introduced.
Now all this in itself would be enough for most companies to try and handle, especially given we’ve all been locked down, unable to gather and work face to face, while still focusing on the critical day job and ensuring the care of our workforce, but not for us, because we still weren’t satisfied.

The new website!

Of course the most exciting part for many of us is our new website! 
Old website vs new website
Out with the old (left), in with the new! (right)
Our website has been long overdue a refresh, to make it more dynamic, user-friendly and up to date with the 21st century! lntegrating with our new CRM, the website allows for a smoother processing of applications for our team and a better experience for our visitors.
As part of the new website, our new candidate portal allows candidates to register their CV, update their skills and preferences us and sign up to job alerts so they can be first to know about new opportunities. This will make job searching much easier, as well as allowing our team to find the best candidates faster!
Bright Purple candidate portal
A peak at our candidate portal!
With a better job search function, information and videos for both clients and candidates, advice and industry blogs (that we'll be adding to regularly) plus our new referral scheme, there is plenty to get stuck into, so please have a look around and let us know what you think!

A commitment to telling our story

For 26 years Bright Purple has quietly gone about the business of providing highly skilled technology, business change, sales, and leadership talent to an array of customers, and along the journey, changing the lives of many thousands of people who came to us looking for a new career.
We have a lot to say with stories to tell, but never had the right vehicle to promote those messages or the correct person in place to drive the messaging. After committing to the investment of our website and CRM, we decided it was time to recruit a Head of Marketing to help drive these changes and lead our messaging; Abby Scott has joined us as of March 1st, and has been putting the wheels into motion for a more vibrant online presence moving forward.
Bright Purple Team
Let's go team!
With the launch of our new website, our final big pandemic project has finally been realised, and it's time to start getting more vocal about Bright Purple. 
You’ll have better access to our vacancies, to our people and to know what goes on inside Bright Purple.
We look forward to engaging with you in the time to come!
Nick Price
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